Harpo: “Harpo,” Mallard Records, 1981

Dirty Looks: “I Want More,” European Label, 1986
Dirty Looks: “In Your Face,” Sticky Records, 1987
Dirty Looks: “Cool from the Wire,” Atlantic Records, 1988 (Billboard charts)
Dirty Looks: “Turn of the Screw,” Atlantic Records, 1989
Dirty Looks: “Bootlegs,” Shrapnel Records, 1993
Dirty Looks: “Superdeluxe,” Sticky Records, 2008
Jack Pyers: “No Road Home,” Sticky Records (BMI), 2015
Jack Pyers: "Well Of Souls," Sticky Records (BMI), 2016
Jack Pyers: "Dead On The Floor," Sticky Records (BMI), 2017
"Oh, Ruby" from COOL FROM THE WIRE
"Nobody Rides For Free" from Turn Of The Screw

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